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How to Create In-App Notifications in Creatio

Creatio uses the Notification center to alert users to key reminders: scheduled activities, feed messages, approvals, and more. Did you know that you can push custom alerts to the Notification center for any necessary information or reminders? This encourages users to be logged in and monitoring…

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Creatio In-App Notification
SugarCRM, How To

Investigating SugarCRM's "Action Required: Your SugarCloud Managed Storage" Email

SugarCRM recently started enforcing SugarCloud managed storage limits. When you get the "Action Required: Your SugarCloud Managed Storage" email from SugarCRM, you can choose to decrease your usage or purchase more storage space.

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SugarCloud managed storage
Creatio, How To

How to Enable Creatio IP Address Restrictions

Most businesses allow their users to access their Creatio site from anywhere, but some organizations need a more secure site that can only be accessed from their office (or via VPN) by some or all of their users. In this scenario, you can use the Creatio IP Address Restriction features to limit…

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IP address restriction

What is Sugar Identity for SugarCRM?

Sugar Identity for SugarCRM is a new cloud-based identity solution for all SugarCloud customers. The solution is based on industry standards that support single sign-on for the Sugar application. It’s managed via the SugarCloud settings console where you can create and manage user records and…

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sugar identity for SugarCRM
Medical Manufacturing, Technology

What Is FemTech? Breaking Into a Growing Industry

If you’ve spent any time at all around the tech industry in recent years, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the recent buzz around FemTech. Despite the fact that the popularity of the FemTech sector has skyrocketed in the past few years, though, you might still be a bit unclear as to what the…

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Identifying and Capitalizing on the Right Business Trends

Trends’ presentation at the Inbound conference highlighted the concept of business trendspotting. How do you find the real business trends versus fads, and then how do you capitalize on them? Let’s touch on the biggest takeaways of that presentation and what they can teach us about identifying and capitalizing on the right business trends.

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Tips and Tricks

How Video Conference Equity Comes into Focus Amid Hybrid Work

However, this new way of working comes with challenges–ensuring everyone has an equal voice in video conference calls. This can be especially difficult in hybrid work environments, where some team members are in the office, and others are remote. It's crucial to find a way for everyone to feel…

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video conferencing
Creatio, How To

How to Scan Business Cards with the Creatio App

While electronic business cards are slowly replacing paper ones, plenty of people are still using traditional business cards. Did you know that with a little setup you can scan business cards in the Creatio mobile app?

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business card

Cybersecurity and the Employee Onboarding Process

Most businesses are aware of the importance of keeping their information safe. However, you might not often consider the importance of cybersecurity throughout the hiring process. When you’re hiring remote workers especially, cybersecurity becomes an even greater priority. You’re unable to simply…

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employee onboarding
Creatio, How To

Importing Users to Creatio & Solving an Interesting Password Issue

If you’re launching a new Creatio instance, you will most likely need to set up or load a fairly large list of users. Since most of the basic data of a user is usually available in some sort of spreadsheet, it makes sense to export the list from one of your existing systems and then bulk import…

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importing users
Data Management, Business Intelligence, Data Cleaning

Understanding Data Mining: Ethics, Tech, & Impacts on Growth

If you aren’t collecting, processing, and analyzing data in your business, you’re many steps behind the competition. While they’re sorting through large datasets and extracting meaningful insights that help their business solve pertinent problems, you’re likely struggling to move forward in any…

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data mining

How Much Should I Budget for a CRM?

If you’ve never purchased a CRM before, or if you’ve been hobbling along with an extremely outdated system, you may be wondering: How much should I budget for a CRM? Well, there are a couple of factors to consider. In this post, we’ll break down what to think about as you plan your CRM budget.

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HubSpot, Service Management

HubSpot Service Hub 101: What You Need to Know

HubSpot’s platform has everything your company needs to manage customer interactions, all in one place. Today, we’ll take a look at Service Hub specifically. What types of features can you expect? How do the pricing tiers differ? What can HubSpot do for your services team?

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Data Management

3 Tips for Success with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

The process of managing IT infrastructures doesn’t have be to a full-time job anymore. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can automate the building, updating, deploying, and monitoring of environments that developers would otherwise have to do by hand. If your organization is starting out with IaC, you’…

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IaC Infrastructure as Code
Business Process Management, Sales

Business Process Management (BPM) is Crucial for Sales Efficacy

Business Process Management holds great potential for every department to standardize and optimize their processes, but sales in particular will be one of the major benefactors. Today, we’ll discus what this process-driven approach means and why it’s so crucial for sales efficacy.

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bpm for sales

How to Install Applications from the Creatio Marketplace

Creatio’s application Marketplace is full of great apps and templates that can help you quickly accelerate the setup of your Creatio instance. Most of the time, you can install applications directly into your Creatio site in just a few clicks! In this post, I’ll explain how to do that.

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Creatio app marketplace

Using Creatio's Dynamic Case Management for Better Oversight

Creatio’s Dynamic Case Management is a wonderful tool for automating and streamlining internal processes. Managers can make particular use of this feature to optimize oversight and ensure crucial processes are being followed. In this blog, we’ll explain what Dynamic Case Management is, what it isn’…

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Creatio case management
Marketing, Tips and Tricks

Top Social Media Stats for Marketers in 2022

Social media provides brands with an abundance of opportunities. As of 2022, 4.62 billion people across the world use social media. As the number of users continues to rise, it’s clear that social media isn’t going anywhere. Let’s look at social media marketing stats and how different platforms…

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social media

Business Cybersecurity Trends Driven by Remote Work

Working from home has become the norm since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. This has drastically changed the security standards for most organizations. For many, it was a simple shift. However, most companies found their IT teams were unequipped for these monumental changes. Here are the latest…

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cybersecurity trends

Dealing with Deleted Data in a Creatio Integration

When syncing data between two applications, most integrations only sync new and updated data. But some applications allow the deleting of data, and you may wish to include data deletions in your integration by deleting the corresponding data from the other application as well. When data is deleted in Creatio, it is fully deleted from the database. This means there is nothing to query on to identify deleted data, making it more difficult to sync deletions. But there are ways to work around this!

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Triggering a Creatio Business Process via Messaging to Refresh Key Data

Creatio has an awesome low code/no-code business process framework that makes data updates very easy to build. Business processes work in the background, which means that after all the data updates are done, it finishes its work and then notifies the UI so the UI can then decide to update itself…

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messaging process

Top 8 Important KPIs for Sales Teams in 2022

Sales KPIs measure how effective a specific activity is for reaching your goals. There are lots of different KPIs to choose from based on your business goals. Focusing on the wrong metrics can misguide your team and will result in failures if not done correctly.

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Giving Meaningful Recognition to Juneteenth in the Workplace

In June of 2021, Juneteenth was officially declared a Federal Holiday and is celebrated across the United States. It’s important for companies who value diversity and inclusion to acknowledge and honor Juneteenth’s history.

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Evolving Leadership and Modern CRM

Good leadership has always been an essential part of ensuring business processes run smoothly and deliver a good customer experience. CRM requires teams and leaders that understand the customer, their needs, and broader changes in society.

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leadership and CRM

The Lowdown on Creatio’s Atlas 8.0 Application Hub & Freedom Designer

The latest Creatio release – Atlas 8.0 – revealed some exciting new features! The Application Hub and Freedom Page Designer have brought no code design to a whole new level. The latest Creatio release is putting new tools for customizing apps, pages, and sections directly in the hands of users so…

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Creatio freedom UI